Prepare To Avoid Another Black Saturday

Black Saturday Bushfires

With summer ending, many of us hold our breaths in dread of heat waves like the ones that led to Black Saturday. Since that terrible day in 2009 when forest fires claimed 173 lives in Victoria, many of us have been galvanized into preparing our homes for bush fires.

Even so, there are some of us that fail to make preparations. While there are things that are beyond our control, like the wind and the weather, why should we take chances with the elements when there are things we can do?

Preparing for Forest Fires

Start with your water storage. If you are Australian, then a rainwater tank can be your best friend. If you’re living in a bushfire-prone area, it’s best to install around four water tanks of 5000 gallon capacities each. Check out Tank Shop for your needs – they only sell reputable brands.

Connect water pumps to them – a portable pump can come in very useful. You can connect the portable pump to your swimming pool as well. You can add more sprinkles and ensure that your garden hoses are long enough to reach the perimeters of your grounds.

Next, take care of all the flammable substance on your property. Store woodpiles, creates, garden furniture, boxes and paper away from your homes. Regularly clear your gutters and roofs of leaves. Clear the perimeters of tress, twigs and barks. Before the summer comes, you can also burn off parts of the forest around your home.

Don’t make the mistake of storing grass clippings and tree cuttings around your property or bush-land. Also make sure that you remove any ground fuels and any other substances that can burn easily. If you don’t like a treeless horizon, you can always plant tree varieties that are low in oil content – keep away from the fire-guzzling Eucalyptus in particular.

Look up the website of your local fire service for more information on keeping bush-fires in check.

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