How To Choose The Right Size Water Tank

The government may be offering you exciting rebates in water tanks urging you to start saving water. Under pressure, you may find yourself settling for a quick choice and ending up with a unit that becomes more of a liability to keep because it’s too big or not the right material for where you live.

It doesn’t have to be like that. There are endless choices available to you in Australian water tanks today. You should take your time and choose a unit that is best suited for your lifestyle and location.

Deciding on the Size

1. Of course, an important factor in choosing your water tank will depend on where you live. The amount of rainfall in your area will decide the size of tank to buy. If you live in a dry area and depend on the municipal supply and may need a smaller tank to take you through the dry spells.

2. Here’s an easy way to calculate the minimum size of your tank. First, total your water usage for the past year and divide by 365 to find out your daily use. (This is assuming the water tank is your primary water source). Then multiply the number of days in the longest annual dry spell in the area with your daily use. This is the minimum volume of water you will need to store in your tank until the next rains.

3. If you use a lot of water for your spa or pool, or your large garden, you may need a larger tank. Decide whether the water in your tank will be for indoor use as well as outdoor use, and buy your unit accordingly.

4. The larger your roof, the larger the catchment area and the larger the tank you can install.

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